Senator Patrick Leahy announced his shift from denial in a letter to Winooski resident Matthew Ennis, for the first time recognizing “negative impacts” of the F-35. Matthew Ennis had written to the Senator, asking him to listen to the voices of some 30 residents who spoke at the
Demands action to protect Vermont civilians from 115-decibel F-35 training in densely populated cities that hurt and injure civilians
Residents effectively make their case at Winooski City Council meeting
Governor Phil Scott laid it all out in an exclusive interview with
Mayor Kristine Lott invited Governor Phil Scott and Guard Commanders to the September 7 City Council meeting to discuss protecting the people from the …
Governor’s spokesman misleads a reporter and the public about who has the authority to halt the F-35 training flights seeks to be credentialed by the Vermont National Guard to attend future news conferences and ask questions
National Guard commanders failed to quell culture of sexual abuse, says federal military report after 18-month investigation. They also failed to stop …
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