Not just that the FAA expressly disclaims jurisdiction to regulate the noise of military aircraft. Also, the US Constitution assigns the authority to train the national guard to the states.
The petition calls on the Vermont ACLU to review the facts and law and send a letter to the Adjutant General
Surveys, news media reporting, the Winooski town meeting vote, testimony at a Winooski City Council meeting, and admissions by Senator Leahy and the Wi…
The rejection violates the military’s own rules and abridges freedom of speech and freedom of the press
"How do you soundproof a playground?"
Senator Patrick Leahy announced his shift from denial in a letter to Winooski resident Matthew Ennis, for the first time recognizing “negative impacts”…
Demands action to protect Vermont civilians from 115-decibel F-35 training in densely populated cities that hurt and injure civilians
Residents effectively make their case at Winooski City Council meeting
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