This newsletter aims to provide information about the F-35 and its training flights in a city that the traditional news media will not provide. It also provides information on who in state government has the authority to halt the training flights in a populated area.

It also provides a way for those exposed to the F-35 to describe their experience to a growing audience. And a forum for those with information or ideas for action to build the campaign to stop the F-35.

If you have been exposed to the F-35 we’d love to read about your experience. Or if you have information about the F-35 you would like to share. Either way, just let me know of your interest at and I will send you an invitation to submit your article. Or you can submit your article to me and I will post it with just your first name and town.

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Cancel F-35 flights in a populated area


James Marc Leas

I am a Vermont patent attorney and activist who has published on Truthout, Counterpunch, VTDigger, NY Times, LA Times, Vermont Law Review, & Vermont Bar Journal

Cara J Montague

A landscape designer, mom, quaker and feminist, I moved to Winooski in 2012.

Robert Spottswood, M.A.

Children's attachment therapist in South Burlington, Vermont

James Ehlers

Humanitarian advocating for The Evolution

Drew Shatzer

Resident of South Burlington since 2017. Educator, environmentalist, pacifist, & father.

Anthony Apodaca

Host of ABC Cáfe (

Richard Joseph

Artist, Winooski, VT

Frank Haddleton

Attorney, Property Manager, Author of Walker’s Key.

Thomas Locatell

Retired carpenter, lives on E. Allen directly on flight path. Following F-35 boondoggle, cost overruns, design failures, etc. of program. Disgusted.

Ron Jacobs

Writer at Counterpunch, Long time anti-imperialist