Facts show pain, injury, and distress from F-35 training in a populated area

Surveys, news media reporting, the Winooski town meeting vote, testimony at a Winooski City Council meeting, and admissions by Senator Leahy and the Wing Commander confirm suffering

More than 1,650 submissions to four F-35 Report and Complaint Form surveys since March 2020 have gathered the facts showing that the F-35 training flights amidst densely populated cities cause pain, injury, distress, trauma, and suffering on a mass scale. Here is one of the graphs from the Summer 2020 survey:

These survey results were confirmed by independent reporting on VTDigger:

The pain and suffering was also confirmed in a Seven Days cover story, “Sound Effects: In the F-35’s Flight Path, Vermonters’ Lives Have Changed,” July 7, 2021.

The pain and suffering was also confirmed in a 12-minute film, “Jet Line, Voicemails from the Flight Path,” April 15, 2021.

Opposition to the F-35 training flights was confirmed by the 2:1 town meeting vote in Winooski, March 2, 2021, which called on the state to use its constitutional authority over the training of its state national guard “to halt F-35 training flights in a densely populated area, such as Winooski.”

The testimony of 30 residents at a Winooski City Council meeting on September 7, 2021 showed pain, injury, and distress:

The “impact” to civilians was also confirmed by such authorities as the Vermont Air National Guard Wing Commander, and by Senator Patrick Leahy.

Write or call your public servants:

Governor Phil Scott 802-828-3333 Chief of Staff <Jason.Gibbs@vermont.gov>

Vermont National Guard's Complaint Line: 802-660-5379

Add your own report & complaint to the online F-35 Spring-Summer 2021 Report & Complaint Form: https://tinyurl.com/4zjjn39x

See the responses to the F-35 Spring-Summer 2021 Report & Complaint Form (so far 501 responses): https://tinyurl.com/3svacfvx

Senator Patrick Leahy 800-642-3193 Chief of Staff <john_tracy@leahy.senate.gov>

Senator Bernie Sanders 800-339-9834 <Senator@sanders.senate.gov>

Congressman Peter Welch 888-605-7270 Chief of Staff <patrick.satalin@mail.house.gov>

Burlington City Council <citycouncil@burlingtonvt.gov>

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger <mayor@burlingtonvt.gov>

Winooski Mayor Kristine Lott <klott@winooskivt.org>

S. Burlington City Council Chair Helen Riehle <hriehle@sburl.com>

Williston Selectboard Chair Terry Macaig <macaig@msn.com>

VT Senate President Becca Balint <bbalint@leg.state.vt.us>

VT House Speaker Jill Krowinski <jkrowinski@leg.state.vt.us>

Attorney General TJ Donavan <DonovanTJ@gmail.com>

States Attorney Sarah George <Sarah.fair.george@gmail.com>

Vermont’s Federal Prosecutor <usavt.contactus1@usdoj.gov>

Adjutant General Brig Gen Gregory C Knight <gregory.c.knight.mil@mail.mil>

Major J Scott Detweiler <john.s.detweiler.mil@mail.mil>

Wing Commander Col David Shevchik <david.w.shevchik@mail.mil>

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall <Frank.Kendall@us.af.mil>