Vermont physically assaults families in their own homes

Data shows that F-35 training flights at BTV are causing pain, injury, fright, distress, hearing damage, learning impairment, shaking walls, hurt children, and suffering on a mass scale

Here are the results from the first two weeks of night F-35 flights over Vermont’s most densely populated cities and towns. The final week of night flights begins on Tuesday April 20. Day flights resume next week.

The graphs and in-your-own-words statements below are a sample of the data as recorded in the “F-35 Spring-Summer 2021 Report and Complaint Form” that began taking submissions on April 6, when the night flights began. Click here to see all the data as automatically recorded by Google Forms. Feel free to share the data with Vermont elected officials, and to demand an immediate halt to F-35 training flights in a populated area.

The F-35 Spring-Summer 2021 Report and Complaint Form continues to collect submissions. Click this link to submit your response to your exposure to the F-35 training flights:

Some of the in-your-own-words statements related to overall experience with F-35

As I was riding my bike, there was nothing I could do to avoid the painful noise level.

My dog shakes from anxiety and I won't raise my kid here any longer.

I have hearing loss and tinnitus, the roar of the F35 causes hearing loss for me and causes my tinnitus ring to grow louder.

I was outside, working on my yard, and the noise actually hurt my ears.

The F-25 are so loud that it gives me severe anxiety. I have trouble concentrating and if I am outside it hurts my ears.

My grandchild is scared to death of the noise and there is no reason for flights around bedtime

The sound triggers severe anxiety for me and my children. It is deafening and makes my ears buzz for at least a minute even after they have passed.

It literally hurts my ears to the point of pain, and my dog gets freaked out and panics every time he hears them

I was trying to put my child to bed. She was very frightened and distressed.

It's extremely distressing.

I get sent into a panic everytime, even with earplugs and my dog hides under the bed.

It's fucking AWFUL

My toddler screams in agony and runs for protection from us everytime the F-35s fly over our house

I am a teacher and literally have to stop teaching multiple times a day for every plane that flys over.

It makes my two year old scared

Some of the in-your-own-words statements related to ears and hearing

My tinnitus has gotten much worse and now it is continuous. Before jets fly over it was only intermittent and the volume of ringing in my ears was much lower. Now I am distracted so much by my tinnitus.

I have ringing in my ears immediately after

I have tinnitus and the sound exacerbates the condition

I've been having more headaches and tinnitus episodes since the flights started

I am kept inside because the noise is unbearable outside.

I hate it, I feel like I bought a house only to lose access to its backyard during the summer.

Even indoors with windows shut it is still too loud and hurts my ears

I am teaching remotely due to the pandemic and the F35 noise makes it hard for me to hear my students or be head by them. Students are all over the Burlington area.

My students cannot hear me and I cannot hear myself. If I am recording an educational video or leaving a recorded comment I have to start over. It’s maddening and I feel like I am at my wits end.

I have had to routinely stop teaching for several minutes each interval that the planes were taking off and landing. I teach in Winooski and the flight path is often directly over our building.

I was reading to my 7-year-old at bedtime. The planes interrupted us. Bedtime is our only time to connect, the only time we read together now.

I am a teacher in Winooski and this severely interferes with teaching and learning

Myself and my students literally have to stop what they are doing. I have MANY students covering their ears. They are scared if we are outdoors and they go over.

When teaching a class I have to stop instruction when jets are flying by. Students can not hear and it’s very difficult for anyone to concentrate. Although it’s even louder when outdoors, it is very loud and disruptive indoors as well.

Completely ruined the lesson. Parents are paying good money to have their children attend these after school programs.

Some of the in-your-own-words statements related to whether confined indoors

Last night was 20+ minutes with gaps between them that I was unable to enjoy my home.

However long I am kept inside is irrelevant. The fact that people need to go inside is unacceptable