Sitemap - 2021 - Cancel the F-35

Open letter to VPIRG Board member and former Vermont Rep. Diana Gonzalez

Vermont Air National Guard publishes its F-35 “Road to Combat”

The Intercept article and video: "When the Jets Fly: New Warplanes Turn U.S. Towns Into Sonic Hellscapes"

Lt. Governor Molly Gray touts human rights--but her record shows otherwise

Open letter to Vermont Lt. Governor Molly Gray, candidate for Congress

Each F-35 burns 22 gallons a minute

Patrick Leahy to end his Senate career with an abuse of power and a gross violation of human rights right here in Vermont

Conspicuous by its absence--Senator Patrick Leahy’s retirement speech omitted mention of the F-35

Revealed: the reason the city location was chosen for F-35 training

Community survey: Should Vermont Air National Guard commanders get credit for F-35 flight hours that violate their training?

Commanders tore apart the legitimacy of their own F-35 training operation

F-35 Spring-Summer 2021 Report and Complaint form results

F-35 jets assault the Vermont cities with the state’s highest proportions of black, brown, and immigrant people

No federal law preempts state and local noise regulation of the 115-decibel F-35

Sign on to the petition calling on the ACLU to take action to protect constitutional rights

Facts show pain, injury, and distress from F-35 training in a populated area

Vermont Adjutant General rejects request for press accreditation by F-35 watchdog news report,

"Excruciating." At a Winooski City Council meeting attended by 3 Vermont Guard commanders, 30 people shared their pain and suffering from the F-35

Senator Leahy no longer in denial—he now recognizes “negative impacts” of the F-35

Open letter to US Air Force Inspector General

Commanders offer deeply flawed defense of F-35 training over cities: We are just following orders

Satire: Vermont Governor says, “We lost. We may not be able to bomb Afghanistan as much. But we sure can keep blasting Winooski!”

Why hasn't the Vermont Governor responded to an invitation from the Mayor of Winooski?

Disinformation alert! Vermont Governor’s spokesman demonstrates sleight of hand!

Will Vermont National Guard commanders uphold the freedom of the press?

Sexual abuse of female Guard members and mass abuse of civilians with F-35 both rooted in failed Guard leadership

F-35s are exposing children's brains to "neurotoxic levels of noise"

Mayor of Winooski invites public to city council meeting with Governor & Air Guard Commanders

Vermont Public Radio’s F-35 Podcast deeply misleading

You didn’t join the Vermont National Guard to hurt children in Winooski

Vermont Governor Phil Scott wages war against Winooski

Front-page Seven Days story gives voice to 22 people living or working in F-35 flight path

The Guard Responds with Marguerite Adelman and James Marc Leas on the ABC Café Podcast

Burlington 4th of July rally to include demand to halt F-35 training in a city!

Vermont Air National Guard's Facebook page has a post calling for a halt to F-35 training in a populated area

Satire: A densely populated city is the perfect place for F-35 training flights!

Candidates for Ward 3 Burlington City Council respond to F-35 questions

Open letter to five candidates for open Burlington City Council seat

Satire: Vermont Governor Phil Scott answers question about F-35 training in a city

F35 Noise Williston Starbucks 5/26/21

Vermont’s top General Seeks to Shift the Blame for the F-35 Training Flights over Winooski

Vermont Guard just admitted that the F-35 training amidst Vermont cities is illegal

ABC Cáfe Podcast Covers Cancel the F-35

Apply the same US & International Law principles to Vermont as to Palestine

Governor Phil Scott admits motive for assaulting thousands of Vermonters with F-35

Vermont Governor’s spokesman and Wing Commander caught at sleight of hand

Just the Facts: Public Records Request Submitted for Vermont National Guard Documents

Email to Vermont Guard Commanders requests release of the 1,400 F-35 noise complaints

Senator Leahy's failure of a response to a complaint about the F-35 noise pollution

Interview on WGDR radio: The F-35 Fighter-Bomber in Vermont targets and assaults Vermonters

Vermont physically assaults families in their own homes

“Thank you for listening”

Pain, injury, distress, & suffering: first week of Nighttime F-35 Flights

F-35s Are Terrorizing Vermont

Satire in ""

F-35 Night Training Flights Start Tuesday, April 6 for 3 Weeks

Washington Post: FAA study finds noise from airplanes, helicopters far more annoying than other sources

Vermont National Guard Wing Commander Did Not Deny the Severe Pain, Injury, and Distress Caused by F-35 Training Flights in a City

Open letter to Vermont Adjutant General Brig. Gen. Gregory C. Knight

Vermont National Guard Trashes Vermont Public Records Act

F35 Noise Over Williston

The FAA released a bombshell study: Five times as many people suffer from high aircraft noise

Winooski Votes 2 to 1

Winooski votes to urge state to halt F-35 training flights in densely populated areas

Mayor Miro Weinberger backhandedly admits mass suffering from F-35 noise

Dr Boshes' unedited text

In their own words: 73 Vermonters describe their exposures to F-35 noise

Winooski Thrown Under the Bus!

Vermont Air National Guard Resorts to Sham Investigation in Response to F-35 Complaint

The time is always right to do what is right

Weinberger's F-35 legacy akin to Flint Michigan

Mayor Weinberger distorts science to push F-35 training flights in a populated area

MLK called for a revolution to abolish racism, poverty, and militarism

Sign On to Open Letter to Mark Levine, MD Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Health